motion paths and camera movements

When I try to make the camera move through the animation, instead of the camera moving across the screen smoothly, it just skips to it’s next spot, the same goes for moving objects in an animation. I have the motion tool on, and I pegged the element, I also have keyframes set up, but it keeps just jumping to the next spot instead of smoothly moving to it frame by frame. any solutions? ???

First, make sure to have sufficient frames between your keyframes so that the movement will be smooth. For example, you can have a key frame on the left of the screen at frame 1 and then one on the right of the screen at frame 20.

In that case you will see the object going from left to right during the frames 1-20.

Also make sure that the preference “Create Constant Keyframes” in the Sceneplanning tab is unchecked. This option works on newly created keyframes.

If you notice that this option is checked, uncheck it and try to create a new peg with keyframes.

Thank you so much, it worked