Motion Path

I am brand new to this program, no real experience behind me. I am trying to learn, but the program is confusing the everlovin’ crap outta me at times.

The peg and motion paths are especially so. I am on a Mac G5 10.4.2 and it seems as though the motion path shows vertical lines in it only when it wants to. In the prefs, I have made sure that the “Create constant keyframes” button is checked on Sceneplanning, as well as the “Create linear spline” button, but there is nothing on the lines I draw out using the motion tool. I can’t figure out why. This just became this way, as prior to now, they had always been there.

Are there glitches with OS 10.4 and this latest Toon Boom (3.0)? That is one of several weird problems I have had - like the option for “Show current drawing on top” was unavailable to me for a while, and I tried and tried to figure out why, then gave up, and eventually it had returned.

Anyone. Bueller, etc.

I am not sure exactly what you are doing but make sure you click on a peg then on the motion button. There will not be any lines until you actually move the peg.

Hope that helps.



If you are talking about the lines betweens the start and last position on a motion path, these represent frames and they won’t be any if you use the constant key frame function on in the preference.

Use the keyboard crtl+L (crtl+shift+L) or the Element => peg menu to set a constant or non constant peg.

When constant key frame is on, the software won’t calculate in betweens and you won’t see lines on the motion path. Set it to non constant key frame to make the line appear in between the two default keyframes (first last).

Hope that make sense !

If you have any problem understanding peg, press F1 and search for “Pegs”. It doesn’t take long to read about pegs in Toon Boom Studio and it will help you a lot.

BTW, the “Create linear spline” preference creates constant velocity for your pegs.


I think I had my understanding of what that create constant frames button meant backwards. Hey, I’m a novice, for sure.

But I am still wondering about possible bugs using TB3 in Tiger (Mac 10.4.2).

I have made this little sequence in which the last part has a character that is supposed to be behind an object. I have made sure it is behind it in the layer order for the drawings (not an individual cell). I have even placed the character completely behind the background drawing so that it should not even show at all. Yet every time I export it to look at it, this character is at the very front. I can’t for the life of me figure out how it is so. I have made extra copies of the drawing that is supposed to be at the front, and to no avail, nothing works. The little guy remains on top no matter what.

Thanks for the replies. I realize a lot of this is just trial and error and practice.