Motion Path will not appear


The problem im having is that the Motion Path will not appear.
Im using ToonBoom Studio Version 8.2.
I use either the “Transfrom”, “Instant Motion”, or “Motion” tool, and I set up an inital keyframe at frame 1 with a car at the right side of the camera view.
An end keyframe with the car moved to the left side of the camera view.
Now onscreen the car moves from righ to left, but the motion path doesnt appear.
How do I make the motion path appear or disappear?
Ive read through the manual, and it recommended turning on the layer with the motion path.
I did that I also did it for the layer of the peg the car is connected to.
Still No Motion Path.
Any Solutions??

I just used a car as example, this is true of a any object i try this with,


Apply the key frames to the peg layer not the drawing layer.

Turn on peg only mode (M). This will make sure only peg layers get key framed.


After reading youre comment I used it on a new Test Animation and it worked beautifully.

More than that with that little keypiece of knoweldge I reread the Chapter on Motion Paths in the Toon Boom Manual.|Chapter%2011%3A%20Creating%20Motion%20Paths|_____0

and suddenly it all started to make sense.
And I had been reading, and re reading that chapter for several days.
It never said anything there about the differnce between selecting the Peg Layer versus selcting the Drawing Layer.

Thank you so much.