Motion Path weirdness

I was playing around animating an object (attached to a peg) on a motion path. I would click on the object with the move tool, having selected “Pegs Only” mode on, a keyframe would be created and I would move the object and everything behaved as expected.

Now for some reason every time I click on the object the entire motion path is selected (it turns brown), and instead of just moving the one keyframe I find myself moving all the keyframes simultaneously, i.e. the whole motion path. I can still manipulate the individual keyframes using the motion tool, or by clicking on the object with the transform tool, but this is bugging me.

Hi Mark,

This is probably due to the fact that when you use the select tool to pick your peg and move it around you select the exact center of the peg. There are 2 main part for the select tool to pick on a peg.

1. The center: When you pick the center it select the whole track of the peg so you can move the whole element on the screen.

2: The red circle: This part need to be selected if you want to move the current keyframe to a new position. This is most likely the part you will want to use to create your keyframes.

If you still get the wierd behavior make sure to contact us so we can see what else could be causing the problem.

Best regards,


ugo tbs is right,;action=display;threadid=2364
my last post: not the middle of the circle, but its red outline.