Motion Path spasms

I’m animating a little square around a scene, all is going well. She’s bouncing and popping all over the place with nice arcs on a 3D path.
Then I want to adjust one of these actions, bump one of the landings slightly to the right.

When I do this, the motion path seems to invert on itself. Points that ages away from this point seem to be affected, with spikes popping out of the other motion points too meaning when I play back, my once smooth animation is now jerky as heck.
I’ve attached two screenshots that hopefully illustrate what I’m yammering about.

I had this a couple of days ago as well and discovered it was linked to control points not contracting and expanding when I adjusted the timing.

Has anybody had this happen before? Does anybody have any better solutions than do the whole thing again and get it spot on the first time?

I’m coming from After Effects when the motion paths are pretty much pen tool controlled creatures of mastery so I’m feeling a bit baffled.
There MUST be a setting somewhere right?

I’m working on a Surface Pro 2 laptop with a Cintiq attached.
Rocking Harmony 16, although this also happened in 15 but I was so baffelled I bailed and went back to AE forr that project.

Halp please!

3D motion points can affect the next/previous points.
This is due to making one control point for all three
axis instead of having each one be independent.

For precise control it is easier to use separate paths.
For moving stuff visually 3D paths are easier.

Please contact support and provide a link to download
the zipped project folder if you need help figuring out
what’s causing these offsets. Usually it has something to
do with the Z-axis, especially if the layer is close to the

Thank you,

I’ve been in contact with support, waiting for solutions. Being in a different timezone in Australia is a pain in the touchus!

Is there a way to convert your path to separate after you’ve animated it? I’ve animated the whole thing twice already. When I go into the layer properties to separate the position properties, all the keyframes vanish.
I’ve read in other forums for 15 this is unavoidable, please say you know of a magical button hidden somewhere that allows you to change the layer properties with out killing the existing animation… <3 <3

Unfortunately there is no such tool or button or script currently that can do this.
It’s inherently a little difficult to do due to the different way the two motion systems
work. For example the 3D motion points can be “locked in time” which affects the
shape of the motion curve. Also the tension/continuity/bias of the control points
for 3D paths can have an effect on the previous and next motion control point.

Coming from After Effects style motion paths, this seem ludicrous to me. I hope they update these to be something more wieldy.

Thanks for your help mate!

I’m still waiting for support to find some solutions…