motion path in 4.0

Hi All -

Having a problem with creating a simple NW motion path in 4.0 … am using the same concept I used in 3.0, but for some reason when I get the crosshairs in the red circle, the entire peg contents moves about, I don’t get the line of motion points to indicate motion. I checked the documentation and it seems to be the same process as version 3. I am taking a drawing element, attaching it to a peg, selecting the peg, moving the frame selector to the point where the drawing element appears (frame 92), selecting tools/screenplanning/motion. The red circle appears with the box inside and my cursor changes to the crosshair when i mouse over it. However, from that point, if i try to drag the motion points out, it is the image that moves… seems like it is locked somehow … any help would be appreciated … thanks, dan

So far so good. At the first frame of your motion path (the start frame) press the keyboard short cut key I to set a motion keyframe. Then move the red frame slider to the frame where you want the path to end and press I to set the ending keyframe. The motion path is then established between these two motion keyframes and you can then stretch it out and shape it as desired. The trick here is that you don’t have a motion path until you have two motion keys set. In V3.0 pegs had a default keyframe included at the start and end of the peg so if you added a motion key to the peg you had a path using that default as one of your keyframes. That default keyframe was eliminated in V3.5. -JK

I think I have the same problem. I did exactly what you told. And I have the motion path. But I want the path to be started in the center of the image and not in the center of the scene. So when I drag the red cirkel (whit the first keyframe selected) to my picture’s middlepoint, my picture moves also and that’s not what I want. To create a motion path is no problem but setting up the beginning point of it, is the problem.

The red peg circle is irrelevant you don’t need to worry about it. If you are setting the starting location for an object and you have established a motion keyframe on your desired starting frame then all you need to do is position the object that you are applying the motion to. You can drag the selected object to whatever screen position you need. Be sure you have the red timeline slider positioned on the appropriate starting frame of your motion before positioning the object. Then move your red timeline slider to the frame that will be the end of your motion path and set a motion keyframe there. Then position the object at the location you desire for the end of the motion path. Then you can go back to the starting frame for your motion path and set the segment between the two motion keyframes to non-constant. That will give you your motion path and inbetweens. You can add additional motion points on the path if you so choose to adjust the shape of the path. -JK