Motion Path - 12F Maximum Forward Limit?

I have a figure on a motion path from 2F to 13F. On the first frame over 12F I can no longer view the bounding boxes and rotate handle for the elements (allowing me to rotate or move etc).

While I can view the figure going beyond 12F (with the camera at 15F) is there a limit for forward settings of 12F - after which the element loses its controls?


This is most likely related to the fact you current have your camera in the default location which is 12 F from the center of the scene. Even if your element are pushed in Z at the drawing level a peg is always by default located that the (0,0,0) point of the scene so if your peg passes the location of the camera you will no longer be able to access the bounding box of the element. This would be the same if you have any type of hierarchy using different Z location and have the top element being on the other side of the camera.

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Excellent reply. My camera is attached to a peg that I used for zoom. I have changed the camera to 15F and reduced each camera peg key position by 3F to get the same result - but with the bounding box displaying.

Thanks again