Motion Blur


I’m motion bluring a png, a car. The car swipes from right side of screen to the left side, so a motion blur is required. Nontheless, the effect I’m achieving isn’t as planned. I’m using the settings and I’m not using a peg as suggested in the manual:

# of trails: 5
# of samples: 200
fall off rate: 50
Intensity: 9
[x] Use mirror on edges

The image results in this, where the blur works fine up until it crosses the next side of the screen; chunks start to cut off. Tried the mirror on edges but didn’t fix the issue. Any way to avoid this?

I found it very hard to acutually tell what you are talking about but your background is beutifully drawn!

Hmm well, thing is, when the car reaches the left side of the screen, chunks cut off. Since that part of the car is offscreen it is producing no motion blur, where it is circled you can see the motion blur is not continuing towards the frame and it feels weird when seen animated. So that’s the issue, how to make Animate blur parts that went offscreen.

And I’ll be sure to tell the BG artist your compliments :smiley:

Hmm… I believe that’s only for the Pro version, or so. I only found it under the Pro section of the user guide :stuck_out_tongue:


Due to the obvious appeal of what you are showing I couldn’t resist googling Lapis Lazuli Studio. Nice stuff on your web-page. Hope you don’t mind.
The webpage design with the colibri and animated sequences are really stunning.


Thanks Ivaar! well be sure to check our website in two weeks or so, our animated short is about to be finished!

You can use the Apply Image Transform to prevent this. Check out the section for this in the Effects chapter in the User Guide.