Motion Blur using a camera for the motion.

Hi there,

New to this forum and to toonboom - just had two weeks intensive training - and I’m in charge of comping one of our shows in toonboom rather than in AE.

I have come up with something that I think is a bit fundamental. If I put a motion blur node on a large composite of everything and then move the camera fast towards it, it won’t blur, it appearing that I need to move the objects to the camera to get the effect I want.

I’ve not got the kind of control I want doing it this way round. Is there going to be a way to allow blur based on camera move any time soon, does anyone know?


Hay buddy, I have the same problem, so did you find the solution?


As you have figured out, the motion blur only works on the object with peg movement so that it creates a tails of images. Using Camera will not create a blurness. So you have to add a peg on entire object together and move.