Motion Blur in Toon Boom Animate (Pro)?

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I’m currently evaluating Toon Boom Animate (Pro) as a complete replacement for our current software package After Effects. We want to stream most of our content and the swf-export sounds very interesting for that purpose to decrease bandwidth because almost all of our graphics are vector based anyway.

As far as I can tell, is TB Animate capable of all the functionality that we need. However, I couldn’t figure out if Toon Boom Animate actually includes the facilities to render motion blur?

Could anyone give me a hint if that’s actually possible?

EDIT: Also I do have another question: What are Animate’s text effect capabiltities? Can it compete with AE? That’s another important aspect!

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Make sure you post this in the Animate Forum.



Where do I find the Animate forum?


You can access it through the following link:

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Thanks Ugo!!! :slight_smile: