Motion Blur applied to camera

Hello again!

I’ve been handling lots of effects lately, since we’re in the final stages of our feature short. So, we have this scene where there is an earthquake and we made the camera ‘shake’. So my question is:

Is it possible to add the motion blur effect to the camera?

This would definitely make the shaking more dramatic.
Thanks again!

Are you using standard or pro?


I will have a play and figure it when I get home in a few hours if someone doesn’t answer before (I don’t have Animate standard on my Macbook) but I am sure there is a way of doing it.

There will be a way of doing it, just a matter of how elegant.

Thanks! ← this was interesting. Not what you want or the method I would of used.

Just had to add it to the thread in case someone read it. I will still look into the motion blur, since it would make a nice tip tutorial for my channel (I am always looking for new stuff to do, but I don’t want to overlap with the excellent toonboom tutorials.

Oh yeah, I used that a bit in some parts. Really useful!

I had a look and I don’t think you can add blurs directly to cameras. Hopefully Lilly can confirm you can’t and I am not missiing something simple.

The 2 methods I came up with were:

Copy the shake information from the camera peg to another peg and throw all the drawings on to it. Then you can add the motion blur to the peg and grab the entire scene onto the motion blur.

Second method is the same but use directional blur and animate the blur (you might prefer that style of blur). Using this you wouldn’t need to copy the shake information accross and just Animate the blur and direction manually.

It isn’t that elegant but it works. Global blurs for the camera would seem like a good idea .

Alright, the methods seems good. I shall try those if Lily doesn’t find an answer.


Alright… I guess we’ll figure something in After Effects or something.

I’d rather not try it, there are a bit too many elements con screen with their own ‘shakes’ and it might not turn out as planned. There are about 10 elements with different depths and I dunno, might get a bit too messy.

Indeed there’s no way to put a motion blur directly on a camera. I’ve taken note of it though to see whether there isn’t something we could do to improve that in the future.


Did TheRaider’s method not work for you?