motion and stop motion keyframes

I do not understand very much what is the difference between the keyframes and motion keyframes motion. Could you render clear a little bit this question?
And one more question when and why I should use a position keyframes.
(PS: The toon boom tutorials (specially those about keyframes), they are a little complicated for me).

True, or there may not be a need for any transition frames. For instance, if a drawing substitution is used it may work to have an immediate change rather than a slower and smoother transition.

The difference between the two is the computer generated interpolation by the software.

From the Animate Pro documentation:

Interpolation is the computer-generated motion between two keyframes. Some animators and compositors like to create their own in-betweens, while others like to have the computer do it.”

Wikipedia: There are animation examples that may help convey the concept.

“A key frame in animation and filmmaking is a drawing that defines the starting and ending points of any smooth transition.”

Keyframe: If you examine an action you can see there are critical stages that mark the changing point or the extreme stage of the movement. These poses frozen in time would communicate a crucial factor in an activity. Isolated on their own they convey something important about what an object is doing. These drawings would be the “key” (vital) frames known as keyframes. A keyframe could be used without any hand drawn in-betweening or interpolation. It would be an abrupt shift.

Motion Keyframe: A motion keyframe is a keyframe that is connected to another keyframe and the transition from the two is calculated by the software to produce drawings representing those steps between the two. IOW, if A is a keyframe and C is a keyframe B would be computer generated interpolation depicting the stages of movement between A and C.

A => B => C

A = keyframe

B = the transition, development, metamorphosis, progression generated by the software between A and C

C = keyframe

From the Toon Boom Glossary:

Keyframe: Important positions in the action defining the starting and ending points of any smooth transition. In Toon Boom, a keyframe is a computer generated position in time on a given trajectory

Motion Keyframe: In Toon Boom, the motion keyframe is a keyframe with computer generated interpolation.

okay so if I understand well in the case of stop-motion keyframing the transition frames are made by drawing them in pose to pose?
Thanks for your reponse

Okay, it’s clear.
Thanks again