Most Used keyboard shortcuts?

Being fairly new to toon boom I always like to learn softwares keyboard shortcuts.

In this case, I want to familiarise myself with some of the more common shortcuts everyone uses and to get those programmed/hotkeyed to save some time!

Also, I’m asking this to help narrow down what to assign my tablet buttons as. (I have 8 buttons)

So far I am thinking:

Undo/redo: Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cutter Tool: Alt + T
Paint Tool: Alt + I
Unpaint Tool: Alt + U
Pencil Tool: Alt + /
Contour Editor Tool: Alt + Q
Create Colour Art From Line Art: *

Obviously over time as I find myself using more tools and noticing what I use or dont use more/less frequently I can fine tune this myself. But I would love to hear and learn what shortcuts some of you all use more frequently!

Question regarding stroke tool. I have been using pencil size 0 out of convenience of not switching tools. But is there any difference between pencil 0 and stroke? As in, can stroke be used for more than invisible lines?

Otherwise thanks for the input!

Drawing layer especially seems a good idea. As does select.

I might need more buttons haha.