morphs disappearing (strange tech issue)

Easier to show than tell:

I have two machines; one does this, the other doesn’t.

The machine with the problem does it with Animate (Full version) AND Animate Pro (PLE), so it may not be a setting in the prefs

I’m stumped, and it’s driving me nuts.

I could assume but I’d rather you clarify it.

Are you using the same project file on both systems and seeing this problem only on the one?

Have you tried creating identical projects using one system then opening it up on the other, doing this with both systems so you have:
(by “play” I mean scrubbing the layer and whatever else you have to do see signs of the problem)

  1. a creation and play on the same system…
  2. a creation, export and play on the other system…

…for both systems so each has a native and an imported version from the other?

Does this occur only when the project is created with the system that demonstrates the problem?

Does this occur consistently on the one system whether a file is created or only played on that system?

I’ll try those steps first thing tomorrow - thanks o0Ampy0o.

I did make different files on each machine, but used the same steps. But as you suggest, I’ll move the ‘good’ project from the laptop to desktop, see if it’s still acting flaky.

OK; opened the same project file that was working on the laptop fine, it doesn’t work on the desktop (it behaves just like the sequence in my video post, above).