Is there a way to select multiple key drawings at once to create a morph between them all or do i have to individually create each morph one at a time. I’m using Toon Boom Harmony 12.2. In Adobe Flash you can select as many key frames as you want and then morph between them all with one click but it seems like you can’t do that in toon boom. I want to create smooth transitions between a load of mouth shapes but it would take forever to do each morph between every key frame individually.

I have literally millions of frames of lip sync to do and I want it to look smooth but I don’t want to waste time. I can’t even do it with a mouse recording macro because I have to highlight a specific amount of frames every time. This seems like a real design flaw to me. I’ve tried exporting to SWF and doing it through flash but toon boom makes the swf file just consist of key frames so I’m unable to create morphs between them.

Indeed you can’t simply select all and morph.
But you don’t need to highlight specific frames. Just click once anywhere and press alt-M. It cannot be an empty exposure though, so extend the exposure first.
I can animate many different morph iterations quite fast using toon boom.

Edit: I’m not entirely sure if what I just said would work in version 12. I only tried v15.