Morphing tool: set ease in/out individually

Hi there,

I often make use of the ease in and out feature of the morphing tool as shown in the screenshot.
Let’s take the drawing hair_back as an example. I have three keyframes with two morphings inbetween.
When I highlight the first keyframe at 31 and set it to 0.25 for ease in, frame 40 gets the same settings applied, but 50 doesn’t.
It seems the settings always go for every keyframe except the last one.

Problem is: what am I supposed to do if I want to set them all individually, let’s say frame 31 = ease in 0.25, frame 40 = ease out 0.5 / ease in = 0.5 and frame 50 = ease out 0.25?

Until now, I always went the destructive way by converting each morphing before going to the next one. But that can’t be it. Right?
I checked the morphing tool options that are shown on the screenshot but I really don’t see anything related to that?