Morphing removing edge lines and scattering?

I’ve done basic morphing with squares and circles and thought I had the hang of it. So I tried to draw a face, and do a slight morph to the chin to a bigger chin. When I set up the morph sequence, the lines from other places on the head actually move to another part of the drawing, it doesn’t stay locked where it should! I’ll draw an eye, and the lines from the eye will disassemble themselves and move to the chin. Strange. The fill in color sometimes doesn’t stay confined either, when the lines I drew, don’t stay in place. Anyone seen this before? I know I’m doing something wrong but not sure what. Is there a way to lock all the lines in place and only morph the only part that has changed between the 2 drawings?


Before you do any kind of morphing you probably would want to make sure the artwork is final as adding/removing part will affect the result of the morphing as it may not know where to put those new assets. As for painting, try to first do your morphing on the line art and afterward do the paint.



I’ve taken your suggestion and of course it works much better now. I think I’m getting the problems with the ‘close gaps’ with regards to painting. So doing it with the line art and coloring later helps in most of the morphs! Thanks.

I have just been reading up on this as I want to apply morphing to artwork imported in and vectorized. There are ‘Hint Types’ that help the Morphing process dont ask me how they work just yet as I am reading up on it myself but that is a section I would look at.