Morphing quandry

I am using Animate 3.

I am following the video tutorials on morphing.

One example shows morphing between two central vector shapes - a square which morphs into a circle.

Both the square and the circle were drawn using the shape tool.

When the morph is create it show a square morphing smoothly into a circle. It is a stirring sight.

When I attempt to follow along, repeating the same steps, my result is radically different.

The square outline (I am using no fill) twists over on itself creating a sequence of mis-shapen objects that untwist to form the circle. No smooth, wonderful square to circle.

The video demonstrator used no contour hints to achieve the smooth transition from square to circle.

What am I not doing right?
I have googled the problem but I can’t find any explanation of this.

I tested this on my Premium 16 and it worked fine without any adjustments so could be that Animate 3 works different?

When I view this in the manual

It seem to work in the same way in animate 3.

Could you send screenshot or a film?

/ Mattias