Morphing problems

Hello Toonboom,

I am learning myself to use the morphing tools and I am having some problems.

  1. I have sometimes trouble to move both lines and color together with the Apply to line and color art button turned on. While morphing I copy the drawing and reshape it so I can morph between the two drawings. But in order to reshape the copy I need to move both the line and color together or else it is much more work. Sometimes it works sometimes not. I cant see any logic or reason for when it works or not.

  2. Often I can’t get color and lines to behave in the same manner. F.ex. the classic tween from square to circle where the color behaves as expected but it makes the lines morph wrongly by crossing the complete area. Or in more simplistic movments like turning the upperbody from frontview to 3/4view where the stomach gets a rounder shape. The color and the line do not stick together. I have tried to solve this problems with all the different sort of hints and contour hints do work sometimes if there is little movment to correct. And I have tried both to keep the color and the lines in the same layer and in seperate layers. It can sometimes help to keep them in the same layer. But both hints and layers do not help my square turn to circle in the right way and even on small movments the only solution I have found is to make drawings of the morphing and correct each drawing individually. Shouldnt it work better? For instance shouldn’t my zonehints work when there is appearing a second colorshape so I can point out which one is the right one? Or shouldnt it be some function that kept the color and lines together at all time? Or a function that made it impossible for lines to cross lines? I hope you can help med making my square turn to circle and making lines and color work better together.