Morphing problem

Can someone please help me with my morphing problem? The other morphings work fine but this one’s outlines do not morph correctly, it’s like they switch places during the morphing. I tried adding some contour hints but it stayed the same. I also tried the pencil hints but still didnt help. I used the polyline tool to create the outlines and did not add any extra contour points while reshaping it. Here are the screenshots:
IIf you still dont know what I’m talking about here’s a clip of my animation: look at the last morphing that’s my problem
Oh btw I’m using harmony premium 14.

I cannot tell what you want to do. What is your objective?

Your screen captures should include the morph points exposed. There is no way for us to know where you have them.

Which level of Harmony are you using?

I, personally, do not think morphing is worth the effort. The problem you are having pops up randomly and can be difficult if not impossible to figure out. The objective may be attainable using other tools depending on your level of Harmony. But there are people who can manage it well enough. It could very well be that I just do not understand it.

I might be able to see where something has gone wrong or to figure out a way to achieve your objective using alternative tools.

Fine I’ll change the screenshots.

Hi, I see it, yeah the morph is confusing the lines as the body shifts, and moving the lines to screen right. You can add 2 hints to each end of the 3 or 4 lines, 1 hint at the top and 1 hint at the bottom of each one. If that doesn’t fix your problem, I always found morphing to work better by copying and pasting the morphing lines from the first keyframe to the last keyframe, then changing the lines in the last keyframe to the final result, then morph. That way the same vertice number is being morphed and it just seems to work better.

BTW your animation looks great!

I morph my drawings by copying and pasting, duh. I also tried adding hints like you said but still didn’t work. Now I’m using the envelope deformer and it works great! Btw thanks!