Morphing issues

I am new to Animate. I have succesfully morphed a simple object. Then after making a few adjustment I try to morph again and the sceen just goes blank. I can undo or remove the morph and get back to the origianl two drwings, but there is no way I can now make them morph. This has hapened before. Always I can morph with a new file.

Are you looking in the Camera View or the Drawing View?

What kind of changes are you making?

Just keep in mind the following rules for morphing:
- same colour to same colour
- pencil lines to pencil lines
- brush strokes to brush strokes
- regions close to each other will morph together

It also helps if there’s a similar number of lines in the first and second drawings.

When you do a morph, the Drawing view no longer stays synched with the playhead, but the Camera View does, so check it from the Camera View.