Morphing, IK and auto-focus

Hi! I’ve been working professionally with TBS for a while, since it brings a very user friendly environment and quite powerful tools. Despite being labeled as for “home users”, it is quite possible to produce professional-looking animations with it.

To this date, the only drawbacks I found in it is the lack of Morphing tools, Inverse Kinematics and auto-focus for the different window types (you have to click from the timeline to the camera view in order to trigger a drawing tool, for example). I know all these features are in the Animate Pro package (as I have a PLE license for it), but they are (IMHO) quite standard tools that shouldn’t be targeted only for ‘professionals’. For example, Flash has Morphing for more than a decade, way before the advent the more advanced bone tools (that TBS has).

Even textured brushes is something already possible in TBS, using a texture as color for the brush strokes, very similar to Animate Pro.

IK is a quite standard way of using bones nowadays and cannot be considered an ‘advanced’ tool.

The auto-focus feature is something already present in Animate that makes the workflow WAY faster by working in an obvious way: the window with focus should be the one where the mouse hovers.

So… my humble request is to have these three features. Toon Boom will have a much happier usersbase! :slight_smile: