Morphing Deformation Path Quastion

Hello. I hope this is the right forum for this.

I found this tutorial for Digital Pro a while back.

I have been trying to recreate this in Animate pro, but I ran into a little problem. I can’t find out how to change the path Deformation. Can anyone possibly show me where the option is in Animate Pro (If possible).

I’m hoping someone finds this quick. I’m doing this for school, and I don’t have access to Animate Pro unless I’m at school. I have a project that is due in a few days, so time is short.

Thanks in advance.

I misspelled question. One of these days I’ll start proofreading. >:(

Sorry to say but they have been removed. The interface was deemed too complicated and it seemed nobody was using them. You might be proving us wrong.

That sucks. Something like that would have been really useful. Plus I just spent a week trying to find the option in Animate. I guess I should have asked here first. ;D

To be honest it didn’t really seem that complicated. I think I would have used it a lot.

Thanks for the quick response. At least now I have time to re think my project. You did me a big favor.