Morphing and Pencil Lines issue


I’m working through the demo period and I’ve gone through all the training. I’m not trying to apply what I’ve learned and I’m running into a very odd behavior.

I have a shot of a bunch of cars moving. I’m hoping to use the Pencil tool and the path adjusting to get really nice lines of the rigid car moving from far away towards the camera.

I’ve drawn the last frame then duplicated the frame to the middle and start frame. It’s a proper duplicate, I’ve checked the Xsheet. I’m looking at 1, 3, and 5.

I adjusted the first and mid frame to be in the middle and first positions of the car.

My problem is that if I hit Alt+M to morph tween the frames, instead of giving me a smooth morph, the lines all swap around and then reform into the new frame. Like in the windshield, the top flips to the side and the bottoms flips to the top and the sides flip to the other side and bottom. Since these lines should be the same lines in slightly new positions, this doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I’m looking at Pencil hint tool. Do I have to go through and hint every single line I’ve moved?

I’ve been going through the tutorials again to double check I’m not crazy.

Turns out I should use the Line, not Pencil tool. It’s pretty basic, but due to the Pencil tool appearing to be vector path controlled, I was confused.
Using Line and then carefully adjusting the points seems to work fine!

Update. What I thought was a solution didn’t work. Does anyone know how to keyframe a line without having to stick morph hints all over it?