Morphing a flag changes size on me

Hi, I am a beginner using Animate PLE :D. In chapter 12 Morphing a flag in the training video. I get to the stage creating the 3 drawings & pasting the 1st in the last frame. I then do the control click & select morphing>create morphing. However 1 of my morphs shrinks the flag to a small flag and then expands to the regular size. I have put in the hint points & this doesn’t help. I have also repeated the whole lesson from scratch & still 1 of my morphs has this shrinking problem. I try and do it exactly as it is in the tutorial video. What am I doing wrong?

First check if you have created a flag with ‘brush’ tool outside of the line since you will use the contour hint. Then check if the contour hint you have added is attached to outside of the brush line. It is magnetic that you can zoom in to make sure the contour hint is really attached on the line. The best way is opening Camera view and drawing view side by side and adjust the hints in the drawing view while viewing the changes in Camera view by moving the frame in Time Line to adjust.