Morph question

Can anyone tell me how animate handles morphing between symbols? Can it do this? Ive only played around in the program a bit, and all I could figure out was that the program allowed the symbols to be swapped back in forth, but with no morphing in between? Is the best way to achieve a smooth transition just to in between shapes in a traditional manner?

As a follow up question…are there any good resources on the web explaining how a character could be animated in toon boom and then composited in after effects?

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I don’t see how that would be possible. Once you make a symbol, you’d have to enter the system to edit it. If you had a series of regular drawings, you could morph those, but morphing a series of symbols? I don’t think so. You can’t change the state of a symbol unless you edit it, and morphing is not going to go into each symbol, copy the drawings from each to a temporary space and then morph it.
You could, however, put a series of drawings inside of 1 edited symbol, and morph those drawings. That 1 symbol would now contain the final morphed output of the collection of drawings.

Morphing is still sort of a mystery to me, with regards to some advanced stuff i’m trying to do, and I’ve not seen some really good examples of morphing techniques.


You would indeed need to morph every layer (element) from within your symbol. You could consider symbols in animate as stand alone scenes that you can put together in a bigger project. Therefor, if you don’t have the original drawing and the final drawing to morph from>to inside the symbol the software won’t be able to what it should morph to.

For Morphing you probably would be better off to use the drawings directly to simplify the process.

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Hi joshholtsclaw,

Take a look at the string of messages under the recent post “Interpolation Problem” in the Technical Support forum page. I asked a similar question and there is some good responses/feedback.;action=display;threadid=1119