Morph or animate a color change?

Is there a way to have a color change subtly across a number of frames like in Flash?

I’ve tried morphing, and it does the shape but not the color. And using a symbol, I can’t find the properties where I’d change the color on the destination frame like in Flash.

If you wanted to have a circle say go from green to light green automatically over a number of frames, how would you do that?

Thanks for any ideas!

Drag your drawing into the Colour Scale Effect,
then keyframe the Red, Green, Blue channels etc…

Ok, so it only works at the whole layer level. Not per object/symbol.


Create a a layer on top same shape
then make it the colour you wish you to change too
then add and Animate the transparency layer to move from one colour to the next

I made a quick tutorial on my method on my youtube channel.

If you want to apply the effect to multiple drawing layers (like a whole symbol) then you just make all of the layers a child of that effect.

If you want to animate only one specific colour, then you should combine together the colour override effect and the colour scale effect so that the colour scale applies to only that one colour.