more than one color

Okay… I’ve been wanting to work with toonboom for a long time and I need to just ask all my stupid questions… like one at at a time or so.

I’m sure once I figure it out, it’ll make perfect sense… but how do I have more than one color on a drawing? I draw the face, paint it face color… then draw the hair and it comes in face color. I change to hair color and everything changes to hair color… please help.


It’s having the color picker open… >.< that’s what was causing the behavior.

You use the PEN panel to define and select the current drawing pen for line tools or brush tools. You use the COLOR palette panel to select the current color by choosing a specific swatch. The currently selected color will be used by all the drawing tools including the line tools and the brush and paint tools. So to change the current color you select a different swatch from a color palette from the one currently selected.

If you currently have a drawing object or objects selected when you change the current color swatch TBS will automatically change the color of those selected drawing objects. So be sure that no drawing objects are currently selected before you change colors unless that is what you are trying to accomplish.

If you use a specific color swatch in your project for drawing or painting and then you go back later and edit the color of that specific swatch on your color palette, TBS will automatically change every drawn or painted usage instance of that swatch to the new color of the swatch so be careful not to edit swatches themselves unless that is what you want to happen. To change colors, change swatches, don’t edit swatches. -JK

Here are some helpful resources: