more plugins for gaming pipeline

so I noticed by a video theres actually one plugin for exporting to Unity the animations from harmony. Any chance to export to construct2 as well?

Its a growing user friendly 2D game engine with great features.

Spriter ( ) has similar plugin to export animations to this engine so id love to see harmony being able to export to Construct2 the animations like it does to unity

Hi Miu3,
Where do you get the harmony plugin from?

Iam only guessing its same export plugin like when I requested a maya plugin

Yes I would have thought so too…
I tried contacting support (and sales for that matter) yesterday and haven’t heard anything. They seem to be harder to contact these days, even if you do have a support contract!

Re-posting some info here. The export to sprite sheet script is included in the most recent version of Harmony, which has an updated scripting environment. I have not been able to find the specific Unity script talked about in the most recent video (I am running Harmony 10.0.1 - what version are you running?), but I will post it here when I do. If you find it first, please post it here.


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