more on perspective

…not to be confused with a moron’s perspective. ;D

Last weekend (or whenever) I posted some notes about using pegs and the transform tool to create perspetive moves laterally–not in the Z-space, but left to right, so that planes parallel to our line of sight move with the image.

With a little bit of thinnin’ (“remember, babaLouie, I do all the thinnin’ around here!”), I put together this piece for a piece I’ve been working on.

I think it works! And maybe I’m the last guy on the block to figure this out, but it’s still pretty neat!

Rob C.,
Sweet job, you have a slight pop when it cycles but that’s just a minor adjustment of a keyframe. Otherwise, “there a clean-up of a spill on asile three”, and today’s “blue light” special is “old tennis balls -$1 a can.” -LOL- thanks for sharing. -JK

thanks JK. it does have a bit of a cycling issue. I had one yesterday myself when the left crank came off my brand new mountain bike, but the dealer is covering it. ;D

At any rate, I thought it would be easy to loop, but it’s been a pain in the caboose. I’m going to use 66 frames (at 24 fps) with the character walking through. I’ve just added a flat floor color, and need to draw the ceiling space, as well as something vague at the end of the aisle.