More Nonsense From Studio Stampini


Here’s our latest. Be careful, since I can’t insert an intergrated preloader, it will play forever, and that could could cause many a strong man to confess to crimes he didn’t commit.


That was certainly strange, however it kept my attention as i watched it all.

Thanks Raider, it’s a good day at Stampini Studios when someone watches one of our movies all the way through. So far feedback has been divided: 50% say it’s strange and 50% ask for a telephone number for my big Sis.


The song and the voice-over work just cracked me up. Well done. The strength of this one was the writing and the general silliness of the material. Yes… it was strange to say the least (I’m chuckling as I write this review with the theme song still running).

The facial expressions of Sausage and Egg also made me laugh as the guy started gagging on the rotten meat. However, for a talking head symbols based short you could have pushed the art direction a bit more by adding more color and even tones to the characters and backgrounds.

Good luck to ya.

Thanks for the notes Tony237. Very helpful.