More Image Scale Options


I´m in the proccess of making a storyreel, based on scanned drawings of a storyboard, but all images came bigger than the frame size on TBSBP. I´ve checked the images twice, and all the images have the same size and all they are smaller that the frame size I´m using on my project.
It would be great to have a “fit to frame” function, or a Paste attributes, or even a numerical scale, so I can make all images smaller, and make sure all they have the same size.
Scaling all frames individually by hand is very time consuming and imprecise.

Thanks in advance


hi, there. you can use an image app to help you, whether you want resize or scale. it is simple, can do batch too i guess.

i’m just wondering when you scanned your art were they registered ie: locked in place so at least they matched each other

also when importing into toonboom did they come into the program aligned to each other?



i don’t think it is that simple, it requires complex work.