More for Less and Idea

First of all I’d like to say thank you for having the More for Less tour. I enjoyed the experience although I wish it was longer and a bit more hands on. I hope you continue to do more of these.

I was thinking about the Toom Boom product and what I see other communities doing. For example Big Buck Bunny which was done with 3D program Blender to push the bounds of the software, create a community feel and come up with a finished product. I think if Toon Boom really wanted to reach the independent animation community and get a movement going they could learn something from this project. I know I’d love to see a large group of independent animators, illustrators and such come together and create a cartoon short and for the assets to be publicly available to the community to see what people would do with the materials.

Some of the work I’ve seen done have great animators and other incredible artists. With a good story, storyboards access to a harmony enviroment to deposit files to I really think you’d have somthing. With your connections coming up with audio, voice talent and the resources to pull this together shouldn’t be to hard.

Just my two cents.