More control over layout on output

Hi all,

I am rather new to Storyboard Pro.
Well, in general it does what it claims and editing an actual board is rather convenient.
But I really do struggle to get a “nice looking” *.pdf out of Storyboard Pro.
Is the only way to influence the way a *.pdf turns out just this row-and-columns-format-editing? Is there something I am overlook

I would have to have quite some text with the panels - we have a production that requires really a lot of annotations because of the way the contracted animation studio works :frowning:
So it happens all the time that the caption-fields are pushing panels around, no matter what “layout” I choose…
I would love to have at least soem “real” control of how the layout comes out…
hints and tricks anyone? Workarounds?

Any help greatly appreciated,


rumours, uhuh… :wink:

well, would be really cool if this would happen any time soon…
I will surely try to figure out what that workaround might be… Thx, for the hint!

Well, regarding fontsize - I squeezed it already a GOOD amount… below 8 point it really is a hard read at times…

anyway, thanks! :slight_smile:

  • You changed the General tab font to 8 already?

    - How about putting 4 panels per page this will reduce the size of the image so giving you more writing place.

    - Have you remove the unnecessary captions? For example if you don’t use the Slugging caption just remove it.

    - Would having a horizontal text instead of vertical work better?