More Animate Tutorials

I was just cruising around and I noticed that Justin from CartoonSmart has put up TWO new Animate vids to check out.

One video is about Animate 2 features, and the other video is by Justin Cook about character design.

Also, if you want to check out an IK tute go to:

It’s by Chad Essley and is for Animate Pro, but I’m sure Animate users will get something out of it aswell.

And finally, Lili and Eddie have posted some new stuff at their blog
Anyone who hasn’t discovered their work yet, get over there NOW because they have heaps of great hints and tips and examples :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you watched the cartoon smart ones but the one by Justin (cartoonsmart justin) was probably one of his worst tutorials (i really like the guy. He clearly is a very casual user of animate.

However the one the other justin did on drawing looks like a great tutorial (I highly recommend it if your looking for drawing basics) but it isn’t really an animate tutorial. Maybe later on it will become more animate specific.

I enjoy the blog by Lili and Eddie, especially their samples, however they often post totally incorrect information(not just once, regularly) so you need take it with a grain of salt.

Ok, they’re not for you Raider, but I just thought that I could point people and their hungry minds towards some more tutorials and if they get something out of it, great, and if they don’t oh well.
I personally, ALWAYS learn something from watching other people’s tutorials, even if it’s what NOT to do. The more we watch, read and learn about Animate can only help us learn the program faster.

I also thought that people could post any other tutorials that they have come across.


I am just opinionated. I think you took what I said the wrong way.

I said I think the new drawing tutorial is going to be great. I even paid for tutorials from Cartoonsmart so shows you that I think highly of them as a whole.

I also watch check out the stuff Lili and Eddie and enjoy it. I like they show their learning process. But there are number of things they say which are totally wrong and I think it is important you are aware of that so you don’t think something is impossible when it is possible.

You can gather I watch everything i can too :stuck_out_tongue: Keep posting them :slight_smile:

In fact I vote we have a sticky with all the tutorials.

Haha, no, I didn’t take what you said the wrong way. After I said “Ok, they’re not for you Raider” I should have used this smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

A smiley can make a big difference ;D

oh okay :slight_smile:

But i still vote and hopy Lilly does it to keep a sticky with all the tutorials (or give one of us access to maintain it) because they do get lost and forgotton.

I knew about Lili and Eddie because I am a long time user(i found them via cartoonsmart blog) but I imagine lots of the new users had no idea that even existed.

So to keep a list of the good ones would be a major plus for new users and a good reminder for old users who are inept at using bookmarks (that is me!). Actually i am not that bad, just have multiple computers so i have different sets of bookmarks.

It would be nice to find tutorials at ToonBoom … you would usually find them here in the user forums…

80% of Human communication is non-verbal… Just thought I’d throw that out there. We are working with such a limited tool set for communication here in cyberspace. I actually get rather frustrated that I can’t communicate with everyone as well as I would like.

Raider- keep up the good work you are doing with those tutorials. I know they are a ton of work to produce.
cheers guys,

The best way to keep track of the tutorials is to post a link to them in the new Tips and Tricks section of the Animate forums. That section should only include things like tutorials and pointers that can help other people along.

Toon Boom Support

I think I have noticed a thing or 2 that have been a little in-consistent on Eddie and Lilly’s blog, but look at the work they are producing even with those mistakes.

It seems that they try to show us things as they learn it, and then later may figure out that it was not correct or accurate. It shows you that everyone is trying to grasp this program, and noone seems to have mastered it 100% as of yet.

Either way, I think I have read the post on Toonboom-bastic about a kazillion times. Most of it is good info. The only real gripe I’ve had until recently is that the vidoes are poorly done. They look much better since they started using screen toaster.

I did not like Cartoonsmart’s latest tut that much, but I did get a few things out of it, even though they may have been for Animate 1. The other TuT is deffinately a tut that teaches you how to desgin character and really not about animate. You can follow that tut with MS Paint if you wanted too.

I wonder who is the guy who does the work on those Toonboom Video samples. That’s the guy I want to grab by the ear :wink:

Aside from my critisism, I appreciate all those who have contributed in making tuts for Animate regardless of them being good or bad, short or long, every little bit helps!


Adam Phillips is the go to guy!!! He has youtube channel for his tutorials, the best Animate tutorials I have seen.

His website is


I agree with EVERYTHING you just said. Justin seems like a very likeable person, but I often find that he does a lot of talking without actually saying anything. Just a lot of mouse moving and “oohing and aaghing” and before you know it, you’ve watched about 3 hours of not much at all.

This is why I prefer Adam Philips quick detailed real world tutorials. Adam also is a proven artist (ex Disney employee), but Justin seems more like a self taught user of Flash and Animate. He certainly has a lot technical knowledge of the software, but to be honest… I can’t learn anything from him.

It seems like he is just paid by TB to do these tutorials, but doesn’t really put much effort into it. Sorry if this offends anybody, but this is just how I feel.