Hello, I’m increasingly upset with the lack of help and support on the issues that are on the PC versions of Toon Boom Products.

Working on a Mac, it’s fine… PC?.. I’m noticing a severe lack of support and help.

PC versions desperately need:
-bug fixes
-key fixes
-portions included that are missing from PC version

these support forums are a joke.

so far I’m getting issues like (and have not gotten answers for)

-pressure sensitivity issues
-side buttons on tablet pen cannot be unconnected to a button press
-split in scene deletes image instead of copying
-crashing and loss of file information days after saving

not including other issues that are annoying… as I come across them I will better document them but this is getting upsetting, this is NOT what I paid for. I do not have a Mac at home and I refuse to. Start responding better to customer issues with your product!!!

These forums are an afterthought on Toon Boom’s part: littered with spam, and the support team hardly makes an effort to assist their users here. The forum software is pretty bad as well. Don’t expect much help from Toon Boom here, although some regulars here are very, very helpful in general. But they visit these forums as fellow users, not official support staff.

The trouble is that Toon Boom wants Harmony users to pay for any level of real support, and is more focused on studio support rather than individual user support, it seems.

But have your tried contacting support direcly via this form?