more 3d features

Except the fact that i really hope that you guys will develop in a nice way the existing 3d tools from TB Animate Pro, please here more concrete requests:

- It would be nice to have the possibility to bend 3dimensionally bitmaps.
For making circular towers of a castle
To make the roof inside a rounded tunnel or bridge

- having a tool like the “repoussé” technology from Adobe Photoshop cs5

Don B

Linked to my previous question, i saw this video on youtube:

There seemed to be for Digital Pro the possibility with a plugin called “Toon Shader” to import 3d objects and rigging them in Toon Boom software.

Now, why is 3d import and animation possible with Digital Pro and Harmony and not with Toon Boom Animate Pro ?
What makes this really weard is that Animate Pro has a lot of very cool 3d features. So why can’t the software with the most innovative 3d features from all the TB packages not have this feature that ohter packages supports since a few years? :o

We really need this also ^^;


Did you guys already heard about “ilovesketching”?

Really amazing! Should be a way to develop 3d tools in animate!

Definitly impressive. Makes me want to try. Sadly it seems that the software has never been made available by the university. There was another one similar done by an aussie uni but that was never released as well.

Read this topic

Actually Toonshader has been released since 2001for usanimation ( )opus
And i believe they still have it for Harmony .

Hummm, James…

A few posts earlier i added this youtube link
where you can see toonshader in action with 3d models imported and rigged in Harmony…

The title of the movie is ‘toon boom animate pro toonshader’ but like you guys know…

There is no 3d import/rigging in the champagne room… i mean in Animate Pro…

Yeah , this video talk about toon shader for Toon boom Digital Pro , witch is called now Animate Pro.

Yeah currently as far as im aware it is a harmony online feature. I don’t have access to harmony so i have never tried it.

Hello Lilly.

Is it to make Harmony more attractive for studio’s that this feature is not developped/Available for Animate Pro ?

Or… Are there any other 3d plans for Animate Pro that would make the interest in importing 3d obsolete?

I was kind of hoping it would be a feature in the next one as another competing piece of 2D software that is much cheaper (i still prefer animate!) allows import of 3D objects although you have to prebake them.

That said it is probably easier to take the 2D from Animate and put it your 3D package (you can change the layer settings in most so that is isn’t effected by lighting. You could then export and match camera movements.

The Raider> I thought also this would be the next logical step in TB’s 3d integration.

Lilly>Thx for the Info.

So,Toon Boom won’t spend time in developing 3d import for Animate. Okay… Really strange choice compared to the other competitors, but okay…

Animate Pro 1 introduced impressive 3d-tools for 2d animators .
No new 3d tools in Animate pro 2. (except 3d vision which is not really a tool)

Let’s juste hope there will be new 3d-tools in Animate pro 3 that will make us forget 3d import.
With other words: further development of the 3d tools introduced in Animate Pro 1.
Like bending bitmaps ; use of 3d primitives; magnet function between extreme points of 2 bitmaps on different axes; etc…
There is sooo much possible, no ? :-[

Animie Studio Pro, the stuff i mentioned is in the version 7. I only didn’t say the name out of respect to toonboom cause I do really like the software and people that run it (obviously!). It is definitly worth looking at in terms of development, i actually consider it better option than flash.

On the actual topic. I think prebaking is the way to go for import. I don’t think alighting system would work that well in the workflow for a future feature.

Yes anime studio is cheaper then animate pro ,and you can import .obj files from any 3D program .

In Animo you can import 3D objects manipulate , add texture lights and animate them .
I don’t know what file extension animo use to import but i think it group them and opened using an import node .
I hope these features will be in Animate Pro .
As Lilly said there’s other ways to use 3D import PNG files .
There a book that explains this process and others call Hybrid Animation .
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m a little confused… you can’t bring in 3d objects? In THIS VIDEO from the Toon Boom Animate “More for Less” Tour, he talks about this coming “in a couple months”. This video was posted by Toon Boom July, 2009.

i can’t understand the video, but im assuming it is for the harmony line.

I don’t understand the video too ??? , he said Animate pro not harmony .

Anywhy here’s what i was talking about in Anime studio

Not just obj files but also import from poser .

ya that is cause they own poser as well.

Poser isn’t really that usefull IMO. If you want 3d import, obj is the format to use.

o0S0o> Ohw! Good ! You find back that video!! I was searching for it when starting this topic.

I have to say that the fragment with the 3d car was one of the final arguments that made me buy Animate Pro…
Makes me really sad to see it again … :’(

To all> By the way, Adobe Photoshop + After Effects (through photoshop) also import 3d objects now
So does Retas (japanese 2d animation software number one) and even Manga Studio (illustration)

Here’s the complete presentation which was specifically about Animate and not Harmony.

It could be renamed the “Less-for-More-tour” ;D