Month Payment Option for Harmony?

Hey Toonboomers!

So as many of you probably know, Adobe now has a monthly payment plan where you can pay like $50 a month ($20 if you’re a student) and get the entire Adobe Creative Suite instead of shelling out a few thousand dollars all at once. Which is an awesome idea.

Does Toon Boom have something like this for Harmony? If they did I’d get it so fast. The deformer tool and the 3D integration feature is SEXY with a capital “S” .

So does Toon Boom have a monthly option? If not, do they play to have one in the future?

Thank you!

They do have a “Price per Project” option, you can rent Harmony on a monthly basis.

It’s mentioned on the Harmony Stand Alone product page.

Email support. I am sure they will work something out for you. This is how I bought Animate Pro.

LOL, I guess I should look before I ask silly questions :stuck_out_tongue: That sounds like exactly what I need.

I just emailed them today. Crossing my fingers that they’ll get back to me!

Hi jtnethery

how did this work out for you, i was considering it’s time to upgrade from Pro 2 to latest version. Deformer be useful, as would any ‘deals’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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