Monoprice Tablet Pressure Sensitivity

Does anyone else use a Monoprice tablet? I have their 6251 tablet, and I can’t get pressure sensitivity to work in Toon Boom Studio 8. The tablet works in Photoshop, Flash and Manga Studio, and I tested the pressure sensitivity in tablet settings (I’m on a Mac.)

Sensitivity does work on my Wacom bamboo. Does Toon Boom only recognize Wacom products? Monoprice drivers come in the box, so updating drivers isn’t really an option for me. I’m hoping someone else has successfully used a monoprice tablet with Toon Boom Studio and can enlighten me.

Hi, There,
You can try to uninstall the driver which installed from the box and download the latest driver from the official website of Monoprice, then try it again.

Hi Wei,

After having no luck with updated drivers, I saw in another forum thread that Toon Boom only supports Wacom tablets. If this is the case, I’ll have to give up on getting sensitivity from my monoprice.