Monoprice interactive display issues with Harmony 12 **FIXED**

My Monoprice 19" interactive pen display (item 10707) was having big issues with Harmony 12: Essentials, even though Toon Boom Studio 8.1 worked perfectly fine. Worse still, Monoprice has currently discontinued all of their interactive displays, and removed all links to drivers.

I spoke with Monoprice support, and received a link to updated drivers (updated 4/16/15) which are compatible with Toon Boom Harmony 12, and include several major beneficial changes.

Download link, instructions, and confirmed changes are all listed on my podcasts blog

If you’d rather use the direct link to the drivers (it will download automatically upon reaching the address) that link is here:



Do you know if the new drivers are for all Monoprice interactive displays? I have the new 22" HD non-touch display (item 12076, I think). I got mine a few months ago, but can’t check driver version right now. I searched their website, but no listings for the 22" HD display.

I’m unsure, however, you have 2 options.

  1. You can contact Monoprice support. (they have a Live chat option at the top of their page, and ask a representative directly for updated drivers

  2. You can perform a backup (search “backup and restore” in Windows), uninstall your old drivers, install the new ones, see if they work, and if not, perform a system restore to roll the drivers back.

If you contact a rep, I’d urge you to ask the rep to put in a request to upper management to bring the devices back, and to continue driver support. I had the rep I spoke with do that for me, when I spoke with him.

Perhaps if they are flooded with enough requests, they’ll see just how big the demand for affordable Wacom Cintiq alternatives there really is.