Monitor for animation

I am looking to buy two monitors for animation work.

What do you recommend?

Look at the resolutions not just size.

Better resolution is better than bigger monitor cause you can fit more on the screen.

Also ensure your graphics card can handle the resolution (and 2 screens).

I would suggest, whatever you choose, to take 2 monitors of the same size.
(=> continuity timeline, windows,…)

Perhaps you could get two 19" monitors, that would work well I think. I agree with the advise of getting two the same size as they will line up alongside each other and the wallpaper can be the same for both.

I used to have a 19" but recently got a 23" widescreen as my main monitor. I was amazed with what a difference it made having a larger monitor. Now I can see things much better and find all those little boo-boos more easily. My second monitor is a Wacom Cintiq 12WX.