Mondo Luigi

Hi, Tooners and Boomers-

I’ve been working on a project with a 3D animator and I’ve just posted a link to a finished scene from the project on my Drawger blog. I know this isn’t directly related to Toon Boom, but since I’ll soon be posting an article about the animation tools I use, TBS being my foremost choice, I thought you Toon Boomers might like to check out my blog. I originally posted a letter announcing my blog under Announcements (WAY down there at the bottom of General), but I’ve gotten no feedback, so I figured I’d try here. Hope you don’t mind my brass.

If you do head over to “Green Monkey” (my Drawger Blog), you’ll find an article about the “Mondo Luigi” 3D animation. Also, you may find this interesting: several members of the blog have their own ideas about my ink and watercolor style of art being translated into digital 3D and a nice little dialog has begun.

Please stop by & add your own thoughts & observations to the “comments” list.

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Hi Elwood,

Very nice work out there ;D , I really liked the caracters. Keep up the good work. If you get more of those ungoing make sure to notice us. I’ll try to drop by your blog once in a while ;D

Take care


Thank you, Ugo. It may take a while to finish another scene, but I will let you know when Brian and I have the next scene finished. I may also show some of our process on my blog and, if so, I’ll post it here as well.

Best Wishes,

Elwood–thanks for starting my day with a big smile! I loved everything about that. Visually it was stunning, and the story was pretty cute, too. I’d love to see more of that.

“Attaboys” all around for you and Brian.

Excellent work on your site –
I really enjoyed “Mondo Luigi” beautiful artwork and animation.
Specially liked the “cute-blues-playing-mouse” –
(when does “she/he” starts singing the blues ?)
just marvellous.


Elwood, you are totally exceeding all expectations with this latest production. And from you, we have all come to expect a great deal. Much continued success -JK

now some time to check all delayed links :slight_smile:

a great production. very clear, almost surreal. how i envy people who have the same look of their drawings and the animations as well.
i presume it’s called ‘style’ :stuck_out_tongue:

the ‘cut-out’ tree with the far background is really terrific. and you’ve got a good 3d partner, it’s a rare and extremely valuable thing.

i look forward to your next films. do you intend to shake the 3d scene as well? :wink:

Thank you, fellers! I appreciate the nice comments. Some viewers have been upset that I may have abandoned my loosey-goosey art style, but I figure there are many ways to skin the animation cat and I’m not adverse to experimentation. 3D may not be not my favorite animation style, but I love The Incredibles and the Plasticine 3D stuff of Nick Parks is fabulous, so I find it great fun to see my characters interpreted by Brian. Plus, poor Brian has to work out all the animation after I finish the writing, storyboards and music, while I get to focus on other projects.

Gester, what do you mean by “shake the 3D scene”?

Best Wishes,

i mean: to extend your work into the 3d and to make an impact on the 3d community :wink:

Thanks for the clarification, Rob. I thought maybe it was some kind of special effects for 3D animation.