Modify Write node properties programatically

I am trying to create a new composite and write node programmatically (successfully). I would like to change output “flavors”, by default it seems it is outputting image sequence (Drwing checkbox), there is also ‘Movie’ option.
I am found it is handled by EXPORT_TO_MOVIE attribute (probably). But I cannot figure out available values (as it is type of generic_enum). I found out that setting EXPORT_TO_MOVIE to true (or 1, by node.setTextAttr(my_node, "EXPORT_TO_MOVIE", 1, true)) will enable Movie checkbox, but disable Drawing one.
Is there any option to toggle both on by a script? How could I get all acceptable values from enum fields?
Any ideas welcomed.

So I think available values are:

  • Output Drawings
  • Output Movie
  • Output Movie and Keep Frames