Modify transparency of many layers, reduce weight of a file tbs and replace many layer in a scene . :)

Bonjour ,
j’aimerai savoir s’il est possible de modifier la transparence d’un calque de même nom sur toute une scène (soit plusieurs panel)?
S’il y a une technique pour alléger considerablement son fichier? En effet, je dois rendre un storyboard qui fait 5 go et le passer à 2 ou 2,5 go.
S’il il existe une technique pour remplacer un calques du même nom par un autre dans toute une scène en un click ou 2 ? (comme sur flash pour les couleurs)

Sorry for my english

Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to modify transparency of a layer with the same name on a scene (many panels)?
If there is a technique to considerably lighten his file? In fact, I have to give a storyboard of 5 GO and I have to reduce it to 2 or 2,5 go. :confused:
And if it exist a technique to replace a layer with the same name by an other layer in all scene in one click or 2? (like in cs flash for colors)

Merci and thank you !!

Thank you for your answers ! :slight_smile:

Merci pour vos réponses. :slight_smile:

Bonjour Noth,

Toutes les réponses de w1p sont bonnes. De plus, vous pouvez utiliser l’option Optimize Project (Optimisation de projet) pour réduire la taille de vos dessins sur tout le projet entire. Cela fera un flatten (aplatir) et enlèvera aussi les fichiers non utilisé.


Pour plus d’information:

Voilà!! N’hésitez pas si vous avez d’autres questions!


Hi Noth,

So am I correct to break your questions down to 3?

  1. how to change the transparency of a layer across a scene?
  • with ‘command+shift’ (ctrl+shift, on PC? not sure) you can select multiple panels, select all content of the layers at once and make adjustments, scale, transform, change stroke colour, and I just tried it, also adjust the transparency of a layer.
  1. how to make your SBpro file smaller?
  • I’m not entirely sure, but I’m thinking when you ‘flatten’ strokes together it might reduce your file size. Unless you use tons of bitmaps within the file, then you may need to try an zip archive it. So you could give this a go: select all the image on a layer, and find the icon in the tools properties panel, or navigate to: Tools>Flatten. This will eliminate a lot of data, hopefully resulting in reduction of your file size. You can use the same trick as on the first point, selecting multiple frames across the panels on one single layer.
  1. how to replace a layer across a scene faster?
  • this one is an easy answer: you can copy a layer and then select multiple panels on your board, go to layer>paste special, and you’ll find options to overwrite or copy over that layer across the selected scenes.

Hope this is of any help.