MobileStudio Pro - Graphic Card issue PSA

I posted this thread on Reddit a few months ago:

The issue resolved itself after I reinstalled the intel integrated drivers and nvidia drivers. I was then good for 2 months.

Yesterday I installed Harmony 15, slight bump to the top, got that rainbow screen again. Mind you for 2 months all was fine, the only thing changed was Harmony. Forced restart struggled (MSP has a terrible restart setup). Reinstalled the drivers for Nvidia again but still happening. Clean installed the Nvidia and during install got the rainbow screen. Now it does it on boot.

I had this happen a month ago, the MSP doesn’t like 2 versions of Harmony both using the discrete card. The install messes with the drivers. I know that when I get home and force install the new drivers, remove Harmony 15 everything will be fine. I will update once I run through all the installs tonight.

A recent Windows update messed with the OpenGL drivers of the Intel
graphic cards. Clean your registry and re-install the Intel card’s driver.

Beyond that you can make a profile in the Nvidia properties for
Harmony to only use the NVidia card and set it for maximum
performance. Contact support if you need help with this part.