Mobile set-up

Hey everyone,

First time posting here. I am trying to build a mobile setup up so that I can storyboard on the go and I am looking for suggestions, or feedback based on your personal experience… So far I am considering 3 options:

1- Laptop with IPad Pro as a second display (using Astropad/Luna Display)
This combo seems to be a pretty economical as I already have an Ipad. I have heard that Luna Display does not support pressure sensitivity but Astropad does. Any one out there have experience with this?

2- Surfacebook
This seems like a pretty good one-stop shop solution. The new surface books are pretty beefy, are pressure sensitive and you can separate the monitor and keyboard pretty easily.

3- Wacom mobile studio pro
I had one of these for a while, but actually found it pretty laggy, it also go extremely hot if you used it for more than a couple hours. Maybe the newer models are better.

I am leaning towards #1, since I want a MacBook, but it relies pretty heavily on Astropad being a viable option. Does anyone have experience with it?

If you have a mobile setup, what do you use?

Thanks in advance.