"MKS Toolkit" Error Every time I open SB Pro Trial...

Well, that is, I’ve installed ToonBoom Storiboard Pro Trial 8.1 and every time I run it, I obtain a little windows error with the message:"MKS Toolkit for Win32 has encountered a problem and need to close. We are very sorry for the inconvenience."And that is followed by the error signature and a large list of technical information if you click on the “more information link”.Well, and although when I close that little window all seems to work correctly, I wonder if this only happen to me or if I won’t have an incorrect intalation of the program, or something… Hmmm, any clue? THANKS in advance!PS: BTW, I run “TB Storyboard Pro 8.1.0 (4108) Trial” under “Windows XP Professional SP2”.

I would recommend that you send an email to support@toonboom.com as it might be related to the latest build that you have or it’s just a setup setting. They will know more.Mention the exact version and operating system as you did. They will have more questions for you then.

Hello (again…) and THANKS for the replies :)I love this program but I abandoned it once the trial finished… Now I have installed it again in my new laptop (cause for hollydays issues I couldn’t test it as much as I wanted) and… well, I must say that the same error still occurs… I have tried executing the “Storyboard.exe” file as you said and really the program opens well although with a MS-DOS little window at the same time, it doesn’t bother, but it didn’t happend in the other way… BTW, it was installed in the default path (under Windows XP again), but here in Spain it is called “C:<b>Archivos de programa\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Storyboardxxxxx” so… maybe could it be the cause of the error? Now that you say it, I could have tried creating a “Program Files” folder but I didn’t realize it…Well, anyway the program works after all and, although I wanted to repot it just in case, the best thing is… I still can enjoy testing it! ;D, CIAO!