mixing traditional and cutout techniques


I’m trying to make a movie where a lot of the time only part of a character is showing and the rest of him is hidden (inside bed cover for example) do i need to draw him as a whole or just draw the part that’s visible for quicker time

Also does anyone know how i can mix both cutout and traditional techniques together? :slight_smile:

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Animate doesn’t care if you use cut out or hand drawn art work. Sense you are creating your movie as a frame by frame picture rendition use what ever works best for that scene and its corresponding frames.

Animate also works in layered fashion so a toon under a sheet can be fully drawn if you are using existing artwork or be a partial to save time. Think out side of a single sheet of paper mind set. you have a full vector art program at your command. So use it :slight_smile:

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when you use cut out in inverse kinematics manner, you will have to use layers, as symbols are not editable (except for the substitution drawings), so you will hand draw on top or on the bottom of items showing in front of or hidden in the back.
additionally you can move the items in the z-space to have them show or hide in the 3d space.

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I’d say that and play around with MASKING. That’s a cool way to hide the body using the bed as a mask.