mixing cut out and traditional animation

hi, i have some questions about make cut out and traditional animation together.

like for cut out animation, there are a lot of official tutorials, is there anyone that explain the best way (or the way the soft was thought-out) to mix cut out with traditional?

because, when you want to change a head or a hand for a couple of frames for one traditional animation, and then come back to the cut out…

the best way i found is creating a new drawing layer, parented to the master peg of the character, and put all the parts that i want to redraw in a draw substituion empty (or with a color use for references that later i cut out with a colour-override). and when i finished the traditional, put again the parts in a draw substituion standar.



there is no “best way” as what you are describing seems to break the character rig. once, i had to animate a character running away from camera. for those frames, i decided i wanted to traditionally animate the legs. so i created a new layer with a back 3-4 run cycle and tracked in the rest of the puppet to the new legs. that’s what worked for that situation for me.

whatever you do just make sure you always parent it to the master peg liek you are already doing to keep everything registered.

Thanks Franksummers!

I guess everyone has their own way.
but I figured that there was a relatively standard way to do it
(some way in which the program was originally intended).

I think the way I invented is quite useful. I will continue with the same.


This is something that I think ToonBoom will do better than most 2D animation apps. I’m not coming from Flash, so I’m having to get up to speed on the whole symbols thing. But, animating inside a symbol (since a symbol can have it’s own workspace, I hope this makes sense) will allow me to use a rig in a much more flexible way than any Adobe app.