Mixin Mac and PC?

Ok 3 questions

I am working on a shortfilmproject.In the end of the project we are having some trouble.
Most of the scenes are animated on a pc, and then coloured on mac. But now I can’t find the file with the toon Boom icon on to open the project on the PC. The folders are there.
It also seems like it has trouble finding the palett again, so it makes a recoverypalett when it is opend on a different platform.
And it cant find the nettworkrenderpath again. The nettworkrender is sat on a mac.

I am fearing that Harmony Standalon is not realy a crossmedia programme?
Do you have any experience with that?
Or solutions?

nr.2 Funnky thing… I experience a difference in scenelengt when I render out a imagesequens from in Nettwork and rendering out a .mov from file /export the lengt. The image sequense is longer. I have chequed to see if the mov settings have the same framerate as the project.
I have used Animation compression

When moving files to different locations, saving them again. Have you experienced that animatioin can disappear from the project? Is there a safer way to move whole scenes, so we can be sure that nothing disappears?
I have heard that you can export scenes in Harmony, but I am not sure how to do this in StandAlone.

Felling a bit worried that all our animation will disappear…
Thank you.

Windows is less forgiving in my experience than OSX.

I have not encountered the issues mentioned as I now keep strict discipline on cross platform work.

When working in Harmony Standalone, the most important thing to be aware of is that the project directory contains all the files you need for that project. Inside your Project directory, you will find the .xstage file, that you can double-click on to open the project. You will also find the elements folder, where all the media is stored. And you will find the frames folder, where rendered frames are saved by default.

1. It is totally cross platform, Mac to PC. It makes no difference which platform you use, the project file is the same. What you need to make sure is that when you copy the file from one computer to another, you copy the whole project directory. The best way to do this is to zip the project folder, then copy it, and you know that everything will be in there.

It is possible that you just copied over the .xstage file, instead of copying the whole folder. This could explain why the palette was lost. You may not have copied all the relevant files.

When you configure the path for it to render to, by default it’s the frames folder in the project file, but if the path was adjusted, then you can always go in there and adjust the properties again. The properties are stored in the Write module.

2. For the difference for the number of frames for the movie and the images, the images always render out all the images. With a Quicktime movie, sometimes it will skip frames if there are some frames in a row that are the same. But the overall length should still be the same.

How are you rendering the Quicktime movie? File > Export > Movie? Or Export > Render Network?

3. It all ties in again to what I mentioned above, that you need to copy the whole project folder when you move it. If you open a file and it is missing frames, then it can’t find the media files in the elements folder most likely. There’s no way to export a project in Standalone, because the project is already exported. You just need to copy the whole project folder.

Also, it’s always recommended that all people who are working on the project work on the same version of Harmony. If you have some people that are on a newer version, then this information may not open back again in older versions of the software.